Fourdrinier 80-160gsm Cardboard Paper Making Machine

This paper machine is fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper making machine,finished paper products is
cardboard paper.

Cardboard paper making machine main specification

Trimmed width:4600mm

Production capacity:220t/d

Finished products:Cardboard paper

Basis weight:80-160gsm

Wire width:5100mm

Operation speed:350m/min

Design speed:400m/min

Dynamic balancing speed:500m/min

Cardboard paper making machine features

1.This fourdrinier cardboard paper making machine forming section is composed of two layers,
equipped with two sets of air-cushioned headboxes.

2.The cardboard paper making machine drying section is equipped with 34 sets of dryers with a diameter of 1800mm,
the first set of dryers is operated with a single blanket, and 3 sets of φ1500 UNO cylinder devices.

3.The paper making machine equipped with Inclined sizing machine and Pneumatic control device for sizing machine.


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