Fluting/Corrugated Paper Machine


Corrugated paper fluting paper machine is used for making corrugated origin paper and fluting paper in paper making line.


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3. Full technical support:we will provide the foundation drawings of the machine and installation support.

4. ISO9001:2000 and BV certification.

5. Strict quality control of every procedure,full guarantee of the quality of every single packaging.


Corrugated paper machinery contains the following sections: Forming, Pressing, Drying, Calendering, Rewinding.

Web end: While the fine pulp enters into the headbox, it will be spreaded along the felts on the web end evenly.

Press section: The water in pulp can be squeezed out as much as possible by pressing felts with press roll.

Dryer section: Dryers works in group to ensure it can be operate at a gradually slower speed to compensate for paper shrinkage as the paper dries. It will discharge the water content down to a level of about 6%.

Calender section: Calendering helps to make the surface of the paper more sooth and glossy. What’s more, to ensure consistent thickness of paper.

Coating: Sizing improves the paper’s water resistance, printing properties and surface bond strength.

Rewinding section: Shape sheet into rolls to make it easier for shipping and conveying, and use slitter to cut the product into multiple strips.


Paper Grade High-strength Corrugated Paper,Fluting Paper
Trimmed Width(mm) 1575-5800
Basis Weight(GSM) 60-150
Operating Speed(m/min) 100-800
Production Capacity(TPD) 15-500