Factory price sizing machine for paper making

In the paper industry, Offset paper, writing paper, kraft paper,corrugated paper and cardboard paper with
liquid-repellent requirements,etc,need to be surface-sized,to improve surface strength and
internal bonding force,and sizing machine can play this role.factory price size machine
for paper making
mainly used to prevent liquid penetration, improve the physical
properties of the base paper, and obtain better surface properties in paper making.


The facroty price sizing machine for paper making continuously, uniformly and stably coats the emulsified glue on the surface of the paper. After a
series of physical actions such as infiltration, osmosis and extrusion, a very thin waterproof layer
is formed on paper surface, which greatly improves the paper’s resistance to water absorption.At
the same time improves the bonding strength between fibers and the tightness of paper under the action
of glue.


In paper production,the sizing roller of factory price sizing machine for paper making
is directly related to the sizing effect of the paper.Judging the performance of
the sizing roller in two aspects: the moisture of the entire paper and the film formation of the
sizing roller. If the moisture of the paper is not uniform and the glue film is not uniform, the
sizing roller should be replaced in time to improve the sizing quality.


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