Factory price 250tpd fluting paper making machine for Ghana

Ghana is located in western Africa,and has a high demand for papermaking machinery.The customer newly invested the 250t/d fluting paper project. The complete fluting paper making machine was provided by Leizhan Company.


This 250tpd fluting paper making machine price in Ghana is factory price,we have 39 years experience in papermaking machinery,rich industry experience and high quality product, so our customer bought the complete 250tpd fluting paper making machine from us.


We deliveried D type hydrapulper,middle consistency hydrapulper,high density cleaner,low density cleaner,double disc refiner,chain conveyor,grapple,mc pressure screen,paper pulp agitator,,reject separator,vibration screen at Dec 15,2019.


We hope that these equipment will bring benefits to customers soon!