Duplex white board paper pulp making machine delivery to Bangladesh

The newly launched project in Bangladesh this time is the 400T/D duplex white board paper project. Under the
influence of the introduction of the old Bangladesh customers and the reputation of our Leizhan product quality,
Bangladesh customer bought the comeple duplcex white board paper pulp making machine from us.


The comeplete duplex white board paper pulp making machine including:

1.Pulping system: chain conveyor,drum pulper,D model pulper machine;

2.High low cleaning system: high density cleaner,low density cleaner,slag lifter;

3.Screening system:Pressure screen,reject separator;

4.Deinking system:flotation light slag machine,disc thickener,screw extruder,disc heat disperser;

5.Refiner system:Paper pulp double disc refiner;

6.Other machine and sparre parts:horizontal waste paper baler,pulp tank mixer,pulp pump,etc.


Hope these duplex white board paper pulp makimg machine will bring benefits to our customers
after they are installaed asap.


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