Duplex grey back white board paper making machine pulping process

White board paper including white back white board paper,grey back white board paper and light
grey back white board paper,different types white board paper,the production process is different.Duplex grey back white board paper is one of them,It is divided into surface layer,
lining layer, core layer, bottom layer.We supply full duplex grey back white board paper
making machine
design and installation.

Duplex grey back white board paper making machine pulping process

1.Surface layer:NBKP/LBKP or waste white cutting

If use BKP as raw material for surface layer,the pulping process relatively simple,the pulping
process:mc pulper一high density cleaner一double disc refiner.if use waste white cutting,need to add
screening equipment,cleaning equipment and Thickener equipment.


2.Lining layer:DIP(ONP+OMG)

The raw materials of lining layer are used waste newspapers, magazines and books, and waste office
paper with ink.The pulping process: high concentration pulper一high density cleaner一screening一
deconsolidation一deinking一flotation一washing一refining, etc. Separates the ink particles from the
fiber by chemical action of saponification and deinking agent , and then  according to its specific
gravity,uses a physical method to remove the ink through flotation machine (or washing machine).


3.Core layer:Mixed waste paper+OCC(AOCC)

The raw material of core layer are used mixed waste paper and OCC or AOCC,The pulping process:D type
continuous pulping system(D type hydrapulper)一ragger一rope cutting machine一drum screen一hydrapurger)一
high density cleaner一coarse screening system一fine screening system一low density cleaner一double disc
refiner,etc.Remove impurities efficiently.


4.Bottom layer:ONP+OMG

The raw material for bottome layer use ONP+OMG(old newspaper and old magazines),the pulpin process:
high consistency pulper一high density cleaner一screening system一washing and thickener一double disc


Duplex grey back white board paper making machine finished paper mainly used in
single-sided color printing to make carton for packaging.We are a professional manufacturer of
pulp making and paper making equipment, more than 40 year’s development in China,
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