Dry broke paper pulper for paper making

There will be a part of broke paper in papermaking process,How to recycle these broke paper to reduce the
production cost? The broke paper pulper for paper making is such a papermaking equipment,it mainly used in the
paper industry to recycle and pulping the semi-dry broke paper and dry broke paper in the press section,drying
section, and reeling section of the paper machine, and then put it into the pulp making system again.

Dry broke paper pulper for paper making raw material

1.Semi-dry waste paper generated in the press section of the paper machine;

2.Waste paper generated in the drying section when the paper machine breaks;

3.Paper edges cut after soft pressing and rewinding;

4.Waste paper generated during reeling,rewinding,packaging;

5.Defective products with quality problems in the paper making.

Dry broke paper pulper for paper making main specification


2.Rotor diameter:750mm,1000mm,1300mm

3.Fine pulp mouth(DN):300-500mm

4.Pulp tank volume:5.5-80m3

5.Pulp tank width:2500-8000mm

6.Material:contact with slurry is stainless steel

7.Main features:Continuous work, simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency


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