Drum Pulper Shipping to Bangladesh

The drum pulper shipping to Bangladesh,it will service for 400t/d white board paper project in Bangladesh. Leizhan supply complete paper pulp stock preparation line for this paper project.


The equipment delivered includes a batch of drum pulper presoak area, high consistency pulping area, screening area,
feed hopper and supporting accessories this time.The drum pulper is the top grade paper pulp making machine of our company,
excellent performance and well adaptability,continuous pulping and coarse and coarse screening,it can be realized in
14%-18% at high concentration,reduce operating costs,saving steam and chemicals.


Thanks again for Bangladesh customer support to Leizhan!


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature
and reliable and advanced technology,Provides waste paper bale breaking and screening equipment,pulping equipment, heavy
slag cleaning equipment, deinking equipment,etc,Welcome contact me anytime.