Drum pulper operation

Typically the leizhan carol pulper can be used for soluble fiber slushing in addition to separation regarding coarse impurities for all kinds of reclaimed paper. Large production potential and reduced power intake in a single product make the carol pulper the most preferred choice regarding continuous pulping. For low-capacity applications, a fresh simplified carol design, using lower setting up and operations costs, has an economically prospective solution. Just about all FibreFlow carol pulper types are confirmed for slushing of very contaminated plus hard-to-process waste material paper unprocessed trash. Waste document furnishes usually are defiberized through continuous return (by slipping inside the spinning drum). This course of action separates fibres gently coming from contaminants, having minimal fiber content loss. Often the contaminants will be rejected continually and immediately. The carol has a couple of sections (pulping and screening): Wetting, substance impregnation, and even defiberizing occur in the pulping section, although fiber healing and refuse separation are actually assigned for the screening segment.