Disposable paper cup base paper production process

Disposable paper cups are common drinking tools in many homes and public places. They are convenient to use and can
also be recycled.The general raw materials of paper cups are: paper cup base paper + PE film,What’s the disposable
paper cup base paper production process

Raw material for paper cup base paper production

Because disposable paper cups are commonly used in daily life, the finished paper should meet the requirements of food
grade, so wood pulp is the main raw materials for cup paper production generally.

Disposable paper cup base paper production process

1.Adopting energy-saving middle consistency hydrapulper to pulping wood pulp,and caustic soda and baking soda are
added at the same time;

2.Then, through the double disc refiner and conical refiner to disperse and beat the pulp, the fiber is divided into
brooms, moistening, and crushing to obtain pulp;

3.Add AKD treatment to get even paper;

4.When the paper pulp material passes through the approach flow system, adjust the PH value to 5.0 to 6.0 with
aluminum sulfate, and then continuously add rosin gum online,then enter to the paper machine to form;

5.After forming, through multi-roller vacuum compound pressing, drying and dehydration, surface film transfer and
soft calendering process,the cup base paper is obtained.


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