Disc fluffer and disc refiner in paper making

In the paper industry, the pulp obtained from raw materials after cooking, mechanical grinding,pulping, screening and
bleaching,etc cannot be used directly for paper making.Because the fibers in the pulp lack the necessary flexibility, the
bonding strength between the fibers is not ideal. If you use it to make paper directly,the paper will be loose and porous,
with a rough surface and low strength.So we use disc fluffer and disc refiner in paper making to beating
the paper pulp.


Leizhan Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of complete sets of equipment for
papermaking.We provide customers with different types of disc fluffer and disc refiner suitable for
different working conditions. Dounle disc refiner,Large taper refiner,Disc fluffer,Conical


We provide solutions for beating and thinning of coarse pulp, finely ground and damaged paper, waste paper recycled
pulp, cotton pulp, wood pulp, hemp pulp and other long fiber pulp.Our disc fluffer and disc refiner in paper making has features with high yield,reasonable structure,high beating quality.For more details,welcome send e-mail to me.