Disc Filter for Paper Mill White Water Recycling

In the papermaking process, the white water system is the recovery, treatment and reuse system for the dehydration of
the paper machine forming section, and the disc filter is an important part of the white water recycling
system in paper mill
, which can recycle fibers and fillers,and further treat white water , Improve the recycling rate of
white water.

Disc filter treatment process

The white water in the white water tank is sent to the white water disc filter for grading filtration, and
the retention aid is added to the pipeline from which the white water is sent to the white water disc filter, and the addition
amount of the retention aid is 50-200ppm by fine control;

2.The white water disc filter separates the white water into turbid filtrate, clear filtrate, ultra clear
filtrate and slurry;

3.The turbid filtrate is sent back to the white water multi-disc for classification and filtration; the clean filtrate is used
as the paper machine concentrated water and chemical dilution water; the ultra-clean filtrate is sent to the paper machine
spray system;

4. The slurry is sent to the forming section of the paper machine, and the dehydration of the forming section of the paper
machine is recycled to the white wate tank.


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