Damaged Paper Pulper for Shipping

Leizhan Damaged paper pulper,Middle consistency pressure screen,Inflow pressure screen,and Paper pulp slurry tank agitator delivery to customer ‘s paper mill.This paper mill mainly engaged in paper product manufacturing and paper pulp manufacturing.


The damaged paper pulper with a high suction rate, the friction between the fibers is greatly increased, so that the pulp disintegration does not only rely on the mechanical force between the rotor and the sieve plate.


And the optimized pulper rotor shape can achieve higher turbulence effect with the lowest power consumption;new pulp pool structure has increased the frequency of contact between the rotor and the pulp to a certain extent.


Leizhan SZS series damaged paper pulper rotor diameter has 750mm,1000mm,and 1300mm,welcome contact us for more information.


Leizhan Paper Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of complete sets of pulp and papermaking equipment,There are more than 200 employees, including more than 50 engineers and technicians,10 senior engineers.We provide complete paper pulp stock preparation line and paper making machine,Welcome contact us for paper mill solution anytime.