D-Type Pulping System

●The D-type pulping system consists of D-type hydrapuler, ragger, cutting machine, dregs well, grab bucket, impurity separator, drum screen and PLC controller.

● The working procedure of the complete D-type pulping system will be under control of PLC. According to impurities in the raw material, controlling time of each procedure can be adjusted at any time. At the same time of continuous pulping, the coarse impurities are discharged to avoid impurities grinding in the process of pulping, to reduce the working burden for the following machinery as well as to improve capacity for the pulping equipment.

● This hydrapulper system is used for breaking recycled cartons and other waste paper as well as removing impurities. The main features of D-type pulping system are the use of D-type vat and energy-saving Vokes rotor to make the contact between recycled paper and rotor more quickly and frequently. Compared with the traditional hydrapulper, it could shorten the time of pulp breaking and increase productivity without increasing the volume and power.

  ●Affected by turning pulp flow, the winding impurities in recycled paper are twisted into the rope, which can be pulled out by the ragger. The remaining pulp and light impurities flowing into the dregs well will be sent to the impurity separator for process with periodicity. The processed accept is integrated with the pulper accept and then the pulp will enter the next working procedure. After washed, the coarse impurities will be sent to the drum screen for discharge out of the D-type pulping system. The recycled pulp will flow into the paper pulper.

●The D-type pulping system rotor and the outlet tray are above the bottom surface of pulper vat to form a low-pressure flow area around the rotor so as to make the coarse impurities flow from the heavy impurity outlet into the dregs well during pulping and then discharge impurities by grab bucket regularly.