Corrugated Paper Machine Changed to Low Gram Weight Liner Paper Machine

With the development of technology and changes in the paper demand market, paper mills need to upgrade and transform
to improve the quality of finished paper, reduce energy consumption and save costs. Here is case of corrugated
paper machine changed to low gram weight liner paper machine


The original corrugated paper machine trimmed width 3800mm,operation speed 400m/min;The transformation
part of the paper machine mainly includes changing the ordinary soaking sizing machine to film transfer sizing + air
diverter, the large roll diameter to four rolls and three pressures, the gear box transmission of the drying part to the
silent transmission of guide rolls, and the increase of dryer speed 700m/min.


Other modifications include: changing the open air hood to closed air hood, adding face wire dilution water headbox,
adding controllable medium and high hard calender and cordless paper threading.Now the liner paper machineworking stable.


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