Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Of A Large Inventory –

Carton industry development and the demand on the carton machinery and equipment have become increasingly demanding. In order to ease the severe market competition, cost pressure, carton manufacturer of production equipment is able to meet this market situation, almost every business can profit, can survive the “lifeline.” But now fully updating old equipment is not possible, nor practical, the only option is to carry out technological transformation of the production line. To make paper box factory, when making a reference for equipment modification, the following provides a list of how each part of the corrugated board production line to transform the technical characteristics for reference.


On the lead single machine housings claw type vacuum transformation


After molding in order to ensure the corrugated iron to close in the next type of precision corrugating roll flute corrugated cardboard complete with tissue paper and glue the top part of the compound, so that the next Corrugated cardboard is not shifted, so as not to cause deformation of corrugated.


Corrugated cardboard on the next positioning method has been the lead mechanical claw-style development to the present widespread use of vacuum suction inside, jacket-style vacuum, air pressure type and so on. The jacket-style vacuum (also known as foreign-priming) because of its simple structure, easy maintenance and adjustment of low cost, reliable, so widely used.


Guide claw single machine is made of copper sheet guide claws (also known as copper knives, lead paper), guide plate of the upper jaw into the groove on the Corrugated Corrugated near the center of the upper and lower connection, embedded in adhesive roll back the groove of the abdomen and lower corrugating roll concentric circular surface and maintain a suitable gap is larger than a thick paper, under the corrugated roller and the lower stretch near the center of pressure rollers connection. After forming the corrugated board by the guide claws separated from the corrugated roller on out for this purpose, and the next Corrugated cardboard prop to complete the corrugation adhesive, composite processes. As the claw plate and the paper guide to be left running clearance between the lower corrugating roll fast running, centrifugal force and gravity is always so thrown away after molding corrugated paper Corrugated roll, continuous friction with the guide plate to guide claw claw plate wear, running Yue faster wear, wear plate when the guide claws to a certain extent, the cardboard can not accurately locate the next Corrugated on adhesive and composite processes, directly affects product quality. At the same time claw plate installation guide requires high degree of difficulty, the corrugated roller heated to guide the axial extension will claw plate collide with the wall trench variant wear, wear it guide claw plate large consumption, production and operation is not stable replacement adjusted frequently. The glue will claw plate to lead the accumulation of hardened glue on both sides of cardboard quality effects, all of which limit the guide claw single machine speed and impact of product quality.


Jacket vacuum adsorption by the suction hood, wrap copper, suction tube, damper, high pressure suction fan and muffler composition. Housing under vacuum adsorption Corrugated roller surface evenly with suction grooves, high pressure air ventilation through the suction tube strong, so that suction hood cavity and between the negative pressure under the corrugated roll, corrugated roll on through the next suction groove to close after molding the next Corrugated cardboard, the accurate completion of adhesive composite process, then installed in the suction hood and inserted into the suction under the Corrugated paper guiding groove in the copper, second floor of the composite dried good Corrugated cardboard under the guidance from the out of control during the throttle can adjust the amount of suction, suction air flow muffler reduce noise. Exchange of different corrugation of the roller, can produce a variety of corrugation of the two corrugated cardboard.