Cooking baking base paper making machine

Cooking baking base paper is used to bear biscuits, bread, cakes, puffs, steamer pads,etc.Baking base paper
requires high physical strength, can withstand high temperature drying, requires good dimensional stability,
and requires uniform thickness and good smoothness. In addition, it requires very little surface absorbability
to reduce the consumption of stripping agents and require good formability. So when you are ready to start
business for cooking baking paper making,welcome contact us for cooking baking base
paper making machine

Cooking baking base paper making machine details

1.Raw material selection 100% drifting softwood pulp,use mc hydrapulper pulping, heavy impurity removal(high
density cleaner), pulp beating(double disc refiner), humidifying strength agent, dilution, heavy slag removal,
screening system, sizing agent and defoamer in the pulp, dilution, then the finished pulp through the approach
flow system to paper making machine.

2.In paper making machine,the paepr pulp throught forming section, pressing section, first stage drying section
, first stage calendering, second stage drying section, surface sizing section, third stage drying section, second
stage calendering,then throught rewinding machine,finished jumbo roll cooking baking base paper.


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