China Flute Paper Production line from waste paper

In this China flute paper production line,complete paper pulp stock preparation line pulp making equipment supplied by
Leizhan,at the same time,Leizhan provides installation,and training service for them.


The flute paper making use waste paper as raw material,Leizhan prodives waste paper conveying equipment,
waste paper pulping equipment,waste paper pulp screening equipment,paper pulp cleaning equipment,and paper pulp pump,pulp tank


The finished waste paper pulp after paper pulp stock preparation line will into flute paper
making machine
,complete pulp forming, pressing, drying, and other processes to make big jumbo roll flute paper.


The pulping process is one of the key quality control points in papermaking, and Leizhan Machinery
has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced
technology,so welcome contact us for your paper making solution.