China 3200mm writing paper copy paper making machine

Writing paper copy paper is a kind of cultural paper with a large consuaption,so many customers
consider set up a paper mill for writing paper copy paper making.The writing paper
copy paper basis weight is 40-80g/m2,quality requirements: white color, smooth on both sides, close
texture, no watering when writing.As below is our one customer 3200mm 100 tpd writing paper
copy paper making machine

3200mm writing paper copy paper making machine specification

1.Raw material: office paper

2.Output paper grade: writing paper,copy paper

3.Trimmed width:3200mm


5.Basis weight:40-80g/m2

6.Production capacity:100t/d

7.Operation speed:400m/min

8.Design speed:450m/min

9.Drive type:AC variable frequency drive division

10.Paper making machine: fourdrinier paper making machine

3200mm writing paper copy paper making machine stock preparation line

1.Raw material: office paper

2.Paper pulping line: Chain conveyor—High consistency pulper—high density cleaner—middle
consistency pulp coarse pressure screen—reject separator—1st grade 1st,2nd,3rd stage low density
cleaner—middle consistency pulp fine pressure screen —flotation deinking tank—2nd grade 1st
stage cleaner—high speed washer—screw press washer—disc disperser—screw conveyor —H.C
bleaaching tower—rear flotation deinking groove—inclined screen—double disc refiner—
inflow pressure screen—head box—paper making machine


We are a professional manufacturer of pulp making and paper making equipment,
more than 40 year’s development in China,We supply complete writing paper copy paper making
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