Calender for Paper Making Machine

The calendering process is an important processing procedure in the papermaking process, and the effect directly
determines the quality, grade and performance of the paper product.Here is the calender for paper making


1.The number of rolls of paper calender machine is generally determined by the speed of the
vehicle and the type of paper. Low and medium speed paper machines generally have six rolls, tissue paper machine
can have three rolls, and newsprint paper machinecan have 8-10 rolls.

2.In order to lead paper convenience, pressure roller is installed on the top of the ordinary odd-numbered
roller calender, and the pressure roller can be made of felt. The even-numbered roller calender does not have
pressure roller and is suitable for compressed air guiding.

3.The surface of the calender roller is required to be very smooth, the taper degree is not
more than 0.005mm, the ovality is not more than 0.01mm, the tensile and compressive strength is high, the
resistance to friction and the scratch is high, the expansion coefficient is small, it is not easy to rust, and it can
resist acid and alkali. For salt corrosion, the contact surface between the roller and the roller must be close,
and there should be no fine gaps.


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