Belt Conveyor and Chain Coneyor Shipping to Pakistan

Pakistan customer bought our dry screening bale breaking system recently,the full system inlucing Waste paper bale feeding chain conveyor,Picking belt conveyor,Bale breaker,and distributing device.


1.The densely packed waste paper bundles are transported by the feeding chain conveyor to the feeding bin, enter the dry screening bale breaking system, and the waste paper bundles are scattered into flakes in a short time under the action of a professionally designed and reliable mechanical structure.


2.The large pieces of light impurities, heavy debris, low-quality waste paper and high-grade waste paper that are scattered into pieces are evenly distributed on the picking
belt conveyor. Paper and some high-grade waste paper are also selected for more effective use.


Thanks again for Pakistan customer support of Leizhan!


Leizhan paper machinery supply belt conveyor and chain conveyor for paper mill,Support customer customization,welcome to send drawings to us.


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