Automatic bale breaker for paper making machine

Bale breaker, also called bale opener,it is used before paper pulper,
mainly used for breakeing and screening waste paper bales under dry condition.

Bale Breaker Technological process:

Waste paper bale is conveyed into the bale breaker by chain conveyor,then bale breaker making sorting
job in bale breaking dry screen system.

The automatic bale breaker process:waste paper→Chain Conveyor→Bale Breaker→Screening Chain Conveyor→Pulper

Bale Breaker advantages:

Bale breaker machine can remove heavy impurities high efficiently, greatly reduce
other pulping equipment in paper making machine wear.

2.Save the waste occupied area and manual work of paper picking,protect the working environment.

3.After use waste paper bale breaker machine,the paper pulper machine production capacity
can be increased by about 25%.

4.Automatic bale breaker machine working with Chain conveyor,save labor and forklift

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