Application of Waste Paper Recycling in the Packaging Field

The recycling of waste paper is mainly used for the production of recycled paper pulp for paper making,but there
there are also new ways to use waste paper (such as the production of packaging and construction materials,the
manufacture of pencil shafts, etc.). The application of waste paper recycling in the packaging field is mainly reflected
in the following aspects:

Pulp Molded Products

Pulp molding is to pulping waste paper or finished pulp into pulp, add an appropriate amount of water-repellent
sizing material, use vacuum adsorption and other modeling methods, and use molds corresponding to the shape of
the product to shape, such as containers, trays, shields, industrial use Cushion packaging products can be used in
conjunction with corrugated boxes, which is convenient for shockproof and buffering in long-distance transportation.
Packaging, liners, and filling materials produced from waste paper can replace foamed plastics.

New composite materials

Common paper-plastic composite materials (base paper and plastic film), paper-aluminum-plastic composite
materials (base paper, high-pressure low-density polyethylene, aluminum foil, etc.) are all composite materials made
from base paper.

This composite material produced from waste paper has better thermal stability and fire resistance than general
resins, and better molding ability.


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