Advanced tissue paper factory concept

To achieve maximum capacity utilization, the plant requires not only world-leading technology, but also overall analysis, technical and process knowledge, and a good supplier network. The advanced tissue factory concept includes all the equipment and services needed to operate a paper mill efficiently.

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is plant design ensures optimal interaction between the entire system from pulping to papermaking while achieving the highest energy efficiency and highest cost efficiency.

Delivering planning and project management to us gives you more time to make life easier, and more importantly, to get an efficient and low energy consumption and water consumption production line. We provide a full range of sustainable and cost-effective tissue production equipment.

Our on-site professional service personnel ensure highly safe and efficient installation and quality operator training. Use their rich experience and our mature workflow to ensure efficient commissioning.

We will continue to support you both during and after the project, so that the mill will always maintain a good operation.