A4 Copy Paper Writing Paper Making Machine


Leizhan this a4 copy paper writing paper paper making machine can use waste paper(such as waste books, news paper, used office paper, waste paper edge from printing factory ), virgin pulp as material to make high quality a4 copy paper, culture paper, writing paper and office paper.

Main Structure

1. This a4 paper making machine fourdrinier part: The length of fourdrinier part is 18m, vacuum couch roll Φ650mm×2300mm open style headbox, inner is bordered with stainless steel, drave by two homogenate roll, macromolecule water board,macromolecule anti-grinding faceplate, suction box 8 pieces. Roll: none slot roll with rubber covered. Frame:square frame is made of steel.

2. The a4 paper making machine press part: the main press 2, double, Φ 650mm×2850mm 4 stone rolls, Φ 600mm×2850mm 4 rubber rolls;shore hardness 95°±2, and pneumatic compression device(standard height and moderate rubber roll).

3. The a4 paper making machine dryer part: Φ 2500mm×2850mm 2 dryer cans,Φ 1500mm×2850mm 9 dryer cans. arrangment pattern (1+1+3+sizing machine+6), and pneumatic compression device. equipped with pneumatic guide and electric mesh-fastener.

4. This a4 paper making machine winding part: 2400mm cylinder winding paper machine and 2400mm rewinding machine.

5. This a4 paper making machine driving and controlling part: using of AC frequency conversion, and driving by step.

Technical date

Product type a4 copy paper writng paper making machine
Production capacity 20-270 t/d
Raw material Waste paper, Virgin pulp
Output paper grade a4 paper, copy paper,writing paper
Basis weight 40-80gsm
Trimmed width 1092-5800mm
Operation speed 100-800m/min

Main structure

a4 paper making machine.jpg

Output paper

a4 paper making machine