4600mm Fluting Paper Jumbo Roll Making Machinery

This paper making machinery is fourdrinier paper machine, mainly used for produce flutine paper
jumbo roll.The 4600mm fluting paper jumbo roll making machinery maily consist of headbox,forming section,press section,drying section,sizing section and
reel section,transmission section,electric control section,lubrication section,etc.

Fluting paper jumbo roll making machinery main parameter

Paper grade:Fluting paper

Basis weight range:90-180g/m2

Production capacity:320t/d

Trimmed width:4600mm

Wire width:5100mm

Operation speed:400m/min

Design speed:500m/min

Balancing speed:600m/min


Fluting paper roll making machine features

1.The headbox is dual rectifier roll air-cushion type headbox,the rectifier roll is driven by constant
speed worm gear,frequency converter to adjust;and the air supply system can provide clean and stable
compressed air to headbox separately.

2.The forming section is two layers,the drybess after wire is up to 20-22%.

3.The sizing section equipped with tension and pulley device,paper rope transmission system.

4.The electrical drive control system drive type is sectional control AC transmission division,ABB
brand PLC control.


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