400t/d Fourdrinier Testliner Paper Manufacturing Machine Technical Solution

The paper manufacturing machine is fourdrinier double layers paper machine,it mainly used for produce 80-270g/m2 testliner paper.The raw material is LOCC waste paper.

Testline paper promanufacturing machine main parameters

Main product:Testliner paper

Basis weight:80-270g/m2

Trimmed width:4700mm

Production capacity:400t/d

Working speed:500m/min

Design speed:550m/min


Slurry ratoe:LOCC waste paper


The testliner paper manufacturing machine wire section top layer wire length is 8 meters, and the bottom layer wire length is 25 meters;The headbox use double homogenizing rods air-cushioned headbox,the parts in contact with the slurry all use stainless steel material;The drying section is equipped with 1 Φ1500 paper threading cylinder, 40 Φ1800 drying cylinders, and 4 uno rolls.


This testliner paper manufacturing machine equipped with sizing machine, reeling machine, transmission section, foundation section, steam hood section,electric control section, lubrication section, and paper guiding rope system.


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