3400 duplex white board manufacturing machine

As an important basic raw material industry in the national economy, the paper industry occupies a very important position
in the national economy.Duplex white board paper can be used for printing paperboards for cover and catalogues
of picture books, magazines and other publications, posters, brochures, etc., and paperboard for paperware, paper cups, snack
boxes, etc.How to manufacture duplex white board paper? Here is our 3400 duplex white board
manufacturing machine

Duplex white board manufacturing machine parameters

1.Trimmed width:3400mm

2.Outout paper:duplex white board

3.Basis weight:200-350g/m2

4.Operation speed:550m/min

5.Production speed:500t/d

Duplex white board manufacturing process

Duplex white board manufacturing mainly used virgin pulp and waste paper(recyled newspaper,books,magazines,
recycled cutting paper,etc) as raw material.The duplex white board manufacturing process include:pulping,
cleaning,screening,refining,deinking(if use recycled paper with ink),mixing;Then paper pulp into paper making machine by flow
approach system:sizing; Dehydration,Pressing,Drying, Coating, Redrying, Calender, Reeling.Finished paper is duplex white board.


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