300tpd brown kraft paper making machine

Brown kraft paper flexible and sturdy, with high bursting resistance, it will not rupture after
being subjected to large tension and pressure.Brown kraft paper commonly used for making paper bags,
envelopes, exercise books,etc,The usage of kraft paper has been increasing year by year, and
the market prospect is promising.So 300tpd brown kraft paper making machineis a good investment project.

300tpd brown kraft paper making machine main specification

1.Project name: 300tpd brown kraft paper making machine

2.Paper machine type: Fourdrinier paper making machine

3.Output paper: brown kraft paper

4.Basis weight: 80-220g/m2

5.Trimmed width: 3600mm

6.Production capacity: 300tpd

7.Working speed: 380m/min

8.Design speed: 450m/min

9.Gauge: 5100mm

10.Driving type: AC Frequency,Sectional Drive

300tpd brown kraft paper making machine stock preparation line

1.Raw material: waste paper (OCC,LOCC)

2.Pulping equipment: ZG series drum pulper and Chain conveyor

3.Sand remover: high density cleaner

4.Coarse screening system: mc pressure screen,light impurity separator,reject separator

5.Low consistency slag removal system: 1st,2nd,3rd low density cleaner

6.Fine screening system: Fine pressure screen,vibration screen

7.Refiner:Double disc refiner

8.Approach flow system: 1st,2nd,3rd cleaner,inflow pressure screen,headbox


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