300 tpd Kraft Paper Producing Machine Technical Solution

The kraft paper producing machine adopt double layer multi cylinder design,mainly used for produce 80-160gsm kraft paper.Here is the kraft paper producing machine technical solution.

Kraft paper producing machine technical parameters

Papermaking type:Kraft paper

Production capacity:300t/d

Basis weight:80-160g/m2

Trimmed width:4500mm

Headbox lip width:4850mm

Design speed:400m/min

Working speed:350m/min

Raw material: National waste paper

Kraft paper producing machine solution

1.This kraft paper producing machine is composed of wire forming section, pressing section, drying section, sizing machine, reeling machine, foundation section, and an auxiliary system,etc.

2.Forming section: air-cushion headbox pulp feed, double layer wire
forming (top layer wire 7.5 meters, bottom layer wire 21 meters);

3.Press section: two double-felt large-diameter presses (Φ1500/Φ1500);

4.Drying section: Φ1500mm paper threading cylinder, 3 sets UNO cylinders,33 sets dryer. Arrangement form 1+(3+3)+8+10+Sizing+12+Horizontal reeling machine.


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