2500 Three Layer Reycled Liner Paper Manufacturing Machine

This paper machine is 2500-type three-layer wire multi-cylinder liner paper manufacturing machine,finished liner paper basis weight 80-220g/m2.

Liner paper manufacturing machine main technical parameters

Finished paper product:Liner paper

Basis weight:90-220g/m2

Trimmed width:2500mm

Production capacity:150tpd

Working speed:300-350m/min

Design speed:400m/min

Dynamic balance speed: 500m/min

Wire width: 3000mm

Raw material:waste paper

Liner papermaking process flow

3 sets of air cushion headbox–Three-layer wire (bottom layer wire 23m + face layer wire 7.5m + core layer wire 10m)–Vacuum suction roll (600mm)–Vacuum Press
(800/805mm )–Two large-diameter presses (1350/1350mm)–7 sets of single hanging Ø1800mm dryer group (1+3/3)–20 sets of double-arranged Ø1800mm dryer groups (arranged by 10+10)–Oblique sizing machine (800/805mm)–Ø500/Ø508mm Calender–B/M meter–Horizontal reeling machine (1100 mm)


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