25 tpd Bagasse Pulp Crescent Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine

The toilet paper manufacturing machine is crescent former toilet paper machine,it mainly use wood pulp,bamboo pulp and bagasse pulp as raw material,to produce 13-25gsm high grade toilet paper,tissue paper,etc.

Crescent toilet paper manufacturing machine main parameters

Finished paper products: High grade toilet paper

Raw material: Bagasse pulp,Bamboo pulp,Wood pulp

Basis weight:13-25gsm

Trimmed width:2850mm

Working speed:550-600m/min

Design speed:630m/min

Production capacity:25tpd


Toilet paper manufacturing machine details

1.This toilet paper manufacting machine is single wire single felt multi-point drive medium speed crescent-forming toilet paper machine.

2.The pressing and drying part is mainly composed of a set of Φ3000mm Yankee dryer plus first press roller, blanket loop, frame, etc.Vacuum roller press is equipped with pneumatic tire pressure.

3.Hot air recirculating breathing hood, bearing nearly 25% of the drying load

4.Hot air circulation and waste heat recovery device ensure high steam utilization.


We supply whole paper pulp stock preparation line and crescent toilet paper manufacturin machine design,installation,commission,and training.


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