2100 office a3 a4 paper manufacturing machine

The a3 a4 paper is a kind of office paper, with great market demand potential.For office a3 a4 paper,
production requirements high white uniformity, color realistic, visual comfort, high stiffness, thickness is divided
into 70g, 80g, 85g and so on.How to produce them with office a3 a4 paper manufacturing machine?


The main raw materials for the production of office a3 a4 paper are wood pulp, virgin pulp,waste
paper.Wood pulp is raw pulp made of trees, and the quality of finished paper is high; Virgin pulp is pulp produced
from reeds, straw, wheat straw, cotton, etc. The full production process is more complicated and the investment cost
is high; waste paper recycling production a3 a4 Paper, mainly use white shavings without ink dots, or use office waste
paper with ink dots, foreign paper, etc., but need to increase the deinking line, the production cost will be higher.
So as office a3 a4 paper manufacturing machine manufacturer,we recommed use wood pulp or waste white
shavings as raw material to produce office a3 a4 paper.


The raw materials pass through the pulping line, the finished pulp are formed, pressed, dried, sizing, calendered, and rewinding to
jumbo roll of paper by paper making machine.


We supply 20-270t/d office a3 a4 paper manufacturing machine,that’s a small business 30t/d 2100 office a3 a4 paper manufacturing machine main specification:

1.Paper grade:office a3 a4 paper

2.Trimed width:2100mm

3.Basis weight:80g/m2

4.Production capacity:30t/d

5.Working speed:160m/min

6.Design speed:200m/min



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