20-750 t/d waste cardboard recycling machine

This waste cardboard recycling machine is used to produce corrugated paper, kraft liner paper which are widely used in daily life . In paper industry, wasre cardboard is usually used as raw material because its high quality long paper fibers. So wsate cardboard recycling machine be a important euqipment in paper production line.


Waste cardboard recycling equipment main specification

1. Output paper: kraft paper,corrugated paper,cardboard paper,etc

2  Paper-making quantity: 80-220g/m2

3. Trimmed width:1092-5800mm

4. Operating Speed:800m/min (dryer)

5. Design Speed:900m/min

6. Dynamic balancing speed: 1200m/min

7. Main Gauge: Model section 3750mm,dryer section 4150mm,winding part 3650mm

(Subject to the final design)

8. Kind of drive :AC Motor speed conversion drive

9. Main drive power: 388.5kw

10 Production Capacity:20-750t/d


Waste cardboard recycling from recycled cardboard to paper pulp,there is a paper pulp stock preparation line service for it,we supply full cardboard recycling line design to installation.

waste cardboard recycling machine.jpg

Waste cardboard recycling equipment main structure

1.Head box

2.Wire section

3.Press Section

4.Drying Section

5.Control system

waste cardboard recycling machine structure.jpg