150tpd flute paper manufacturing equipment deliver to Iran

Over the years, Leizhan’s products have become more and more popular in the Middle East market, and have successively
reached cooperation intentions with many paper mills.At the beginning of July, we delivered 150tpd flute paper manufacturing
to Iran customers according to the agreement.


The equipment for flute paper manufacturing shipped this time are:Chain conveyor,Light impurity separaor,Rejest sorter,Relief machine,Dry broke pulper,
Slag lifting machine,Middle consistency pressure screen,Inflow pressure screen,High consistency sand remover,Low consistency
sand remover,Agitator mixer,and accessories.


We hope that these 150tpd flute paper manufacturing equipment will be put into production as soon as possible and bring benefits to customers.


Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years, has mature and reliable technology and advanced
technology,we supply turnkey paper project design,installation,commission and training.Welcome contact me anytime.