150tpd Coated White Board Paper Production Line

The 150tps coated white board paper production line mainly consist of white board paper machine and paper pulp stock preparation line. The white board paper machine is fourdrinier 3200mm 150tpd paper machine.

White board paper machine main specification

Finished paper products:Coated white board paper

Basis weight:200-450g/m2

Daily production capacity:150t/d

Trimmed width:3200mm

Working speed:150m/min

Paper machine type: Fourdrinier paper machine

Paper pulp stock preparation line

Slurry:Wood pulp,Deinked office waste paper pulp,deinked waste newspaper pulp,waste cardboard pulp.


The paper pulp stock preparation line including surface layer 60tpd wood pulp stock line,Bottom layer and core layer 300tpd waste paper pulp stock line,office waste paper stock line and waste newspaper stock line.


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