100tpd Fourdrinier Writing Printing Paper Making Machine

Before starting the design of the papermaking project, it is necessary to determine the product, scale, selection of
raw materials, and paper machine selection,etc. This paper making machine mainly used for produce writing printing paper,
production capacity 100tpd.


The fourdrinier writing printing paper making machine is composed of headbox, fourdrinier wire forming,
pressing section, drying section, hood section, sizing machine, mechanical transmission section, compressed air system,
lubrication system, hydraulic system, foundation section, paper reel, etc.

Writing printing paper making machine main specification

Finished producs:Writing paper,Printing paper

Basis weight:45-100g/m2

Production capacity:100tpd

Net paper width:3350mm

Roll paper width:3400mm

Wire width:3800mm


Working speed:500m/min

Design speed:550m/min

Dynamic balancing speed:650m/min


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