100t/d fourdrinier test liner paper making machine

Test liner paper is an important component of many paper packaging boxes and packaging boards.
The basis weight is generally between 100-300g/m2, with high tensile strength, burst resistance and ring compression
strength.The 100t/d fourdrinier test liner paper making machine mainly used for produce
that kind of paper.

100t/d fourdrinier test liner paper making machine main specification

Finished products:test liner paper

Basis weight:90-220g/m2

Production capacity:100t/d

Trimmed width:3600mm

Working speed:250m/min

Design speed:280m/min


100t/d fourdrinier test liner paper making machine design

1.Headbox: Adopt open headbox. The upper and lower lip pullers are made of stainless steel. The
upper lip puller can be adjusted in full width and local.

2.Wire section:the wire case is 20,000mm long. Except the aluminum alloy bearing pedestal, all sections are
welded and 1.5mm stainless steel is outsourced.

3.Press section: It adopts vacuum suction to draw the paper, one vacuum press and three positive presses,
and the dryness of the paper in the press section is 40%.

4.Drying section: equipped with 30 Φ1500mm drying cylinders, arranged in a manner of 6+6+6+6+6, one of which
is cold cylinder, and 5 sets of dry net drive.

5.Calender and reeling section: three-roll calender and horizontal paper reel are used.

6.Transmission and control:AC frequency,section drive.


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