Roller Conveyor and HD Cleaner for Shipping

Roller Conveyor and HD Cleaner for Shipping

Leizhan roller conveyor and HD series high density cleaner shipping to Guangxi,this paper mill mainly produce toilet tissue paper,with the increase in production capacity and the production process improvement, the paper mill ordered these equipment from Leizhan.

The roller conveyor structure is simple,easy to install and maintain,mainly used for conveying pulp board in horizontal way.It greatly applied in toilet tissue paper making plant.

The HD series high density cleaner has a larger aspect ratio, longer vertebral body, smaller vertebral angle, and better slag removing effect than traditional high density cleaner in pulp board pulping line.

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Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced technology,Provides waste paper bale breaking and screening equipment,pulping equipment, heavy slag cleaning equipment, deinking equipment,etc.Welcome contact me anytime.

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