Pressure screen and paper pulp mixer shipping to China

Pressure screen and paper pulp mixer shipping to China

Henan Yongwei Security Co., Ltd is our Leizhan regular customer,Over the years, our entire set of pulping equipment has worked well. To increase capacity, they signed a contract with us again and purchased new pulping equipment, including middle consistency pressure screen and paper pulp mixer.

Middle consistency pressure screen

The middle consistency pressure screen has installed with the rotating drum rotor ,high-frequency pulse not easy to plug, can be used to screen such as waste paper and washed pulp,wood pulp,and also can be used as thermal screening equipment for after cooking before washing pulp.

We supply slot pressure screen and hole pressure screen,0.3-6m2 screen area,production capacity from 30-1500t/d.

Paper pulp mixer

The paper pulp mixer parts contacting with paper pulp is made of 304/316 stainless steel, which can ensure its long life and excellent performance,their angle can be adjusted and are easy to maintain,are suitable for mixing of long-fiber pulp.

We supply diameter 500mm-1800mm vane paper pulp mixer.

We are a professional manufacturer of pulp and paper making equipment,more than 40 year's development,we supplypaper making equipment and spare parts.Welcome contact me for more information anytime.

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