Middle East 450tpd White Board Paper Making Production Line

Middle East 450tpd White Board Paper Making Production Line Site

The picture show is Leizhan paper pulp stock prepration line working site in Middle East.Paper project is 450tpd white board paper making production line,complete paper pulp stock prepration linesupplied by Leizhan.

The paper pulp stock preparation line including surface layer pulp line,bottom layer pulp line and approach flow system.

Surface layer pulp line:Coarse pressure screen,reject separator,and fine pressure screen.

Bottom layer pulp line:Coarse pressure screen,fiber separator,and reject separator,fiber fractionating screen,fine pressure,screen,vibrating screen.

Approach flow system:Inflow pressure screen,and vibrating screen.

Leizhan Machinery has been committed to papermaking equipment for 40 years,has mature and reliable and advanced technology,the main products including pulping equipment,screening equipment,cleaning equipment,deinking equipment, washing and thickener,etc.Provides turnkey paper project design and installation,Welcome contact me anytime.


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